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Grass No. 38 — The Return of Grass

Grass No. 38 — The Return of Grass
By Hudson Gardner • Issue #38 • View online

Spirit animal
Spirit animal
There is something good about grass
I am writing about water 
but I hope to write also (at the same time) about grass
Grass flows like water
Water? It moves similarly
We think water isn’t grass (think again)
They do look similar
They come from the same place
As the summer came in, it didn’t stop raining. Grass has grown on the hills, in the meadows, above the bog. There is grass below spruce, grass below pine, grass below oak. In the winter the grass turned brown and it all died. But did it really die?
Maybe it was close to a year ago when I first wrote about grass, the grass of life. I liked what I wrote, and the way it made me think about all the unnoticeable things that I like to notice. Even now, though I practice noticing them for so long, I feel like there is a lot that I miss. I am not right all the time, and I am not always here. I go elsewhere in my mind, and make mistakes, and don’t notice many times. Even though I have made it what I want to do, I still am not perfect.
Why do I write about grass, what does it matter? 
Everything can be found in everything
Grass is beautiful
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