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Grass No. 22 - Second Growth

Grass No. 22 - Second Growth
By Hudson Gardner • Issue #22 • View online

I haven’t written yet
About the four thousand miles we drove to get here
The last thirteen on a ferry from mainland Maine
A place called Rockland
Because ‘tis granite everywhere—
They dig it out of the ground
I saw a pit off the highway
Then we drove into town
And I realized it was real, that
The trip had an end
Which was also a beginning

Living on an island only five miles long
Working the ground, trying to make a difference
Old maples, thick apple
Coated in blue-green lichen
I hear there are some ten generation families
That probably planted that hundred year apple
And killed all the foxes too
What is left of four thousand miles driven
Besides an impact I want to plant trees about
Place names and a grey-green blur
The places we camped, and slept
I remember less every day than I knew
Being away from everyone again
Why do I keep choosing solitude
When the problems we’ve got
Grow worse every year
And need us all
Tree rings form most years
Record time going by
But don’t mean to
And some are false rings
Second growth
From a long season, or warm fall
These double rings
Maybe not false, but
The tree knowing there is more work to do
And more time than we think
To do it in
Seaweed on granite rocks
Chaga tea boiling in the kitchen
A house too nice for me
And a view of the sea
Where things seem limitless
Bald eagles in the air above this island
Ravens on the shore on the rocks
And dark spruce trees growing thickly
Wherever there are no homes
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